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Thread: Having trouble selecting objects in a procedure

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    Ok this may sound weird and I dont really know how to explain it on a BB but here is my problem...

    I have an Active X control that basically draws a red line (It has properties associated with it so I cant use a normal line)

    I have to click a button on a tool bar and it will then ask which Object that is already drawn do I want to be the "start" of the line. and after I select that it will ask which object I want to be the "End" of the line.

    now the problem is I dont know how to call the button push procedure and then have it wait for me to select the object(and then pass back the index number of that object selected to get the coordnates from it) that will be the start or the end.

    If anyone has an idea of what I am talking about or would like for me to send the project to them I would be more than happy too and would love the help on this project. My ICQ is : 29829342

    Thanks in advance for your help[/email]

    Jay Murphy

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    I think you could/should store a value in the buttons TAG property to say that 'i have done the first bit' and whenever the button is clicked check the TAG property to see if it is waiting for you to select the object or whether it ought topass the object details on...

    does it make sense??

    Doc Zaf

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