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Thread: How about a $50 laptop? Vb6 can be installed.

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    How about a $50 laptop? Vb6 can be installed.

    Its principle is the android system with two GB and 32g storage hard disk, which is a laptop.
    Then give away two years of cloud server, that is, Windows 10 system installed on the server, this configuration is 8 GB of memory.

    The hard drive is 200gb.
    It's like you buy an Android laptop, but the configuration is relatively poor, and then you get an Amazon cloud and Microsoft cloud server. 2 years
    It is also good to use it as a set-top box for TV.
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    Re: How about a $50 laptop? Vb6 can be installed.

    @xiaoyao - Could you provide a reason as to why you originally had this thread in the VB6 question forum? It doesn't appear to be any question about VB6 other than a statement in the title that VB6 could be installed on this computer.
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    Re: How about a $50 laptop? Vb6 can be installed.

    In 1998 when VB6 came out, a high end desktop PC had something like a Pentium 2 450MHz CPU, 128MB of RAM, and an HD with maybe 10GB storage.

    So yeah I'd expect it to run on that.

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