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Thread: mac Sonoma is very lame

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    mac Sonoma is very lame

    the worst thing is the black edges on desktop click, super annoying.

    just about every Sonoma video starts with how to disable this feature.

    Siri is still limited and corporatey.

    and to top it all off, Xcode needs an update for some reason.

    they should have integrated crossover so their OS would be able to carry some video games.
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    Re: mac Sonoma is very lame


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    Re: mac Sonoma is very lame

    xCode always needs an update... that's nothing new. Don't like or use Siri (we have it disabled on our machines) so I won't comment on that. And I try not to leave anything on the desktop in the first place, so if there's boxes when something is clicked, I don't notice it. I'm usually in the terminal or have a bunch of windows up where I don't even see the desktop.

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