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Thread: [RESOLVED] Save as txt in c:\mydir, html page

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Save as txt in c:\mydir, html page

    Based this url:

    how to save as txt entire html page?

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    Re: Save as txt in c:\mydir, html page

    How do you access the page currently from within your application?

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    Re: Save as txt in c:\mydir, html page

    You can use this to save a page HMTL to a text file.
    I tried to use it with your link, but it timed out (edit: unable to use a browser either, maybe region locked?). Thus, I have the other one there for testing.

        Dim HTTPRequest As MSXML2.XMLHTTP   ' *** need Reference to Microsoft XML, v3.0
        Dim url As String
        Dim fs As FileSystemObject                     ' *** need reference to Microsoft Scripting Runtime
        Dim pageAsTextStream As TextStream
        Dim pageAsTextFilename As String
        ' Open the HTTP request and send it
        'url = ""
        url = ""
        ' create the HTTP object and contact the website
        Set HTTPRequest = New MSXML2.XMLHTTP
        HTTPRequest.Open "GET", url, False
        ' create the file name to save to
        pageAsTextFilename = "C:\Temp\" & Format(Now, "MM-dd-yyyy HHmmss") & "_comuni.txt"
        ' using the file system object, create a textfile with the html
        Set fs = New FileSystemObject
        Set pageAsTextStream = fs.CreateTextFile(pageAsTextFilename)
        pageAsTextStream.Write HTTPRequest.responseText
        ' release the objects used
        Set pageAsTextStream = Nothing
        Set fs = Nothing
        Set HTTPRequest = Nothing

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    Re: Save as txt in c:\mydir, html page

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