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Thread: Reportviewer TOC?

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    Reportviewer TOC?

    I want to create a dynamic table of content (TOC) for a report. I have tried various methods that is to cumbersome to repeat here. I have also tried various methods chatgpt has suggested. Nothing seems to work. I would like to know - Is this possible? Has anyone managed that successfully? I yes can you please give me pointers (this is driving me to insanity). Regards

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    Re: Reportviewer TOC?

    This is a bit nebulous, without knowing the data being represented in the report or how the user is selecting what to report on.

    I'd create a TOC table and write records there representing the selections that make up the rest of the report. I think you might have to run it twice or run it to a PDF, then read the PDF to see where the sections are laid out for which page numbers they start at. Then update the TOC table with the page info and reprint the entire report to include the page info on TOC, or just reprint the TOC page and replace it in the PDF that was created. Trying to calculate the page number where each section will begin is likely to haphazard.

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