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Thread: Are there any new people learn VB language?vb6,

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    Are there any new people learn VB language?vb6,

    Because VB6 is no longer on sale. And like china country, the computer grade examination has been changed to.Python

    I don't know what country you are.Are there any new people learning VB6?How did you learn the VB6 language in the beginning?

    The biggest advantage of VB6 is that the generated exe is very small.
    The biggest drawback is that there is no online library download system.

    If Python comes with a visual form designer and a PE that compiles to assembly code.
    The JIT runs, and it is cross-platform. Will Vb6 really disappear?

    Around 2000, the boss at work put an access form designer book in his bookcase.With VBA + Microsoft forms 2. 0, you can develop a very simple inventory management system.It's as convenient as foxpro, and it's also as convenient as the development tool IDE.Although it can also be compiled into a special format. *.mde, accbe, encrypt the code.There is also a runtime accessruntime. Exe that does not require a full installation of office, access,

    But some systems may not be installed or have some compatibility problems when they are running. For example, if you have installed a new version of the runtime on someone else's computer, some forms may not run or have problems.Microsoft's biggest failing is that it doesn't install in a green way.

    If the AOT can be compiled into a static independent exe, but this is also very convenient.
    For the first two years, it was also possible to compile it and package it in the same directory as the dependent DLL include.
    It can also be installed without writing to the registry.

    The VBS has been put on the removal schedule by Microsoft. I don't know if anyone has invented a new basic parsing tool.
    For example, twinbasic and freebasic can be compiled into cross-platform programs, and can also run a script code directly and dynamically.
    I don't know vb6,vbscript still has a certain influence and market in the Linux system?Through wine, you can run the VB6 IDE, as well as the basic software developed with it.

    If there is a way to convert this code directly to Java, Python, or compile it directly to twinbasic exe, that's fine. Generates an application format for Linux.

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    Re: Are there any new people learn VB language?vb6,

    However, I digress.

    Skillset: VMS,DOS,Windows Sysadmin from 1985, fault-tolerance, VaxCluster, Alpha,Sparc. DCL,QB,VBDOS- VB6,.NET, PHP,NODE.JS, Graphic Design, Project Manager, CMS, Quad Electronics. classic cars & m'bikes. Artist in water & oils. Historian.

    By the power invested in me, all the threads I start are battle free zones - no arguing about the benefits of VB6 over .NET here please. Happiness must reign.

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