In my case, did not want it blocking the view of another text informational control, which it did as it displayed below the rtb control.

Tooltext() is a string arr of 18 elements, or just quote some text.

_rtxt007_16 is a rtb name

New Point position is relative to the control, the tooltip text appears there.
So this one line's New Point positioning can work with all controls.

A negative number moves it above the control.

2000 is 2 seconds display time

Private Tooltext(17) As String

Dim Tooltip1 As New ToolTip

'you can also set the time for when it appears like this, 10 milliseconds
Tooltip1.InitialDelay = 10

'put this like when you enter the rtb, etc... or when you want to see a tooltip text appear.
Tooltip1.Show(Tooltext(16), _rtxt007_16, New Point(8, -25), 2000) ' right of control, above control, time in millisecs