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Thread: VB6 Icon Extractor App

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    VB6 Icon Extractor App

    Hi all,

    I created an icon extractor in VB6. It can extract icons from exe files and dll’s. Further more it can split the icons (if it has different sizes) and export them as new icons and png files. It is not all native VB6 but I used two .NET libraries:
    1. IconExtractor – a standard dll in C#
    2. IconImporter – a com visible dll in vb.Net
    I also used LaVolpe’s AlphaImg control
    To get it all working you need to follow these steps in this order:
    1. Unzip the attachment of this post to your HD and please keep the folder structure intact
    2. Open IconExtractor.sln from the IconExtractor .NET folder in Visual Studio (I used Visual Studio 2019) and (re)build the solution. Make sure the compiled dll (IconExtractor.dll) is now in the folder “IconExtractor VB6”
    3. Run Visual Studio as administrator (important!) and open IconImporter.sln. Check under Project ->IconImporter Properties -> References if there is a reference to IconExtractor (compiled in the previous step). You can (re)build the solution now. There should be now at least two more files in the folder “IconExtractor VB6”: IconImporter.dll and IconImporter.tlb
    4. If for some reason you cannot build the two .NET libraries (for example because you don’t own a Visual Studio version that supports the two projects) you can download the libraries from my company website: Unzip the file and copy IconImporter.dll and IconExtractor.dll to the folder “IconExtractor VB6”. After that run “register.bat” as administrator
    5. Now open the VB6 project group (NOT the project) IconExtractor.vbg. Under references of your project there should be a reference to “IconImporter.tlb” and you are ready to go

    Hope you like it…
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    Re: VB6 Icon Extractor App

    i not got vb installed but always like programs like this, i used use this project in vb6 is just uses vb6 code.
    may be usefull for you to look at cut down on the runtimes required to run the app

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