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Thread: twinBASIC roadmap

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    twinBASIC roadmap


    A new roadmap for the twinBASIC programming language development has been released.

    Dates given are tentative and subject to change. Only the major issues are listed here. Smaller feature requests will be implemented when most appropriate.

    2024-Q2 (APR-JUN)

    2024-Q3 (JUL-SEP)


    • Tentative Release Date: 1st October 2024

    2024-Q4 (OCT-DEC)

    2025-Q1 (JAN-MAR)

    • Start cross-platform support for ARM Linux/Mac/Android (only available to paid Ultimate Edition subscribers)
    • Start of reimplementation of all remaining VB6 shipped controls, such as Winsock, MAPI, Adodc, DataGrid, MSCOMM, etc
    • Support ActiveX controls on tB forms with unmatched bitness, using a proxy-process (e.g. 64-bit app using a 32-bit ActiveX control)

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    Re: twinBASIC roadmap

    Release on my birthday, thankyou.

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