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Thread: dropdown list not changing

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    dropdown list not changing

    Hi, this is bugging me! I have an MSflexgrid, 20 rows, 2 cols. In the flexgrid_click procedure, clicking on a cell queries a DB which then populates a simple dropdown box with the query result. It works... at least the first time!
    Because if I then click on another cell in the grid, nothing changes. It still shows the result of that first click.
    Trouble is, I have a feeling that flexgrid_click refers to clicking the grid rather than a cell in the grid. Here's the code for that:
    Private Sub MSFlexGrid1_click()
    Dim theconstell As String
    theconstell = MSFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(MSFlexGrid1.Row, MSFlexGrid1.Col)
    Call getstars(theconstell)
    End Sub
    As I say, this works, as does the DB query which is in a module. But why doesn't it work if I then click on a different cell? There's so much attached to a flexgrid that I'm unsure as to which event/method I should be using to accomplish what I want!

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    Re: dropdown list not changing

    The Click event should work for your purposes. Please post your "getstars" code. That's the most likely location of the issue based on what you've posted thus far.

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