Hi, this is bugging me! I have an MSflexgrid, 20 rows, 2 cols. In the flexgrid_click procedure, clicking on a cell queries a DB which then populates a simple dropdown box with the query result. It works... at least the first time!
Because if I then click on another cell in the grid, nothing changes. It still shows the result of that first click.
Trouble is, I have a feeling that flexgrid_click refers to clicking the grid rather than a cell in the grid. Here's the code for that:
Private Sub MSFlexGrid1_click()
Dim theconstell As String
theconstell = MSFlexGrid1.TextMatrix(MSFlexGrid1.Row, MSFlexGrid1.Col)
Call getstars(theconstell)
End Sub
As I say, this works, as does the DB query which is in a module. But why doesn't it work if I then click on a different cell? There's so much attached to a flexgrid that I'm unsure as to which event/method I should be using to accomplish what I want!