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Thread: Scripting Dictionaries, ADODB and portability?

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    Scripting Dictionaries, ADODB and portability?

    Greetings Earthlings!

    My current project needs to be portable i.e. able to run from a memory stick, no installation.

    I long ago achieved that with it by using only custom in-line controls of my own making, documented API functions, etc.

    Now I've decided to use a dictionary for data storage & retrieval, and an ADO data stream & functions for some things. I'm using CreateObject for these, so no references needed. Everything works just peachy .

    So the question - Need I be concerned about portability with these things?. I think not because AFAIK these things are a part of Windows since at least Windows Vista. What about WINE under Linux?. Does one need to install WineTricks for the ADO or Dictionary?

    Thank you in advance . I wanted to ask about this before I bury myself too deep in the project.....

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    Re: Scripting Dictionaries, ADODB and portability?

    It should work just the same early bound with references. These components have stood the test of time.

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