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Thread: How to open new forms in one window?

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    How to open new forms in one window?

    I'm trying to create a text based football simulation game, however every time I move from one "form" to the next it keeps opening a new window and the previous "form" remains opened as well.

    How do I make it so there's only one window and I can move back and forth between different forms without new windows opening?

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    Re: How to open new forms in one window?

    What you're describing in the web world is a single-page application pattern. In the desktop world there is no such pattern. You would need to show the form you want and close the form you're finished with:
    ' e.g. from Form1:
    You start playing around with default instances of Forms when you do it like that so you got to be careful. But I think that's more or less the behavior you're looking for.
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    Re: How to open new forms in one window?

    As suggested, you can display a new form and close the previous form each time. If you do that, be sure to configure the app to close after the last form rather than after the startup form.

    The alternative would be to use a single form and then use user controls for each unit of UI. User controls are designed and built much like forms but then used just like other controls. You could create a single form to contain all the user controls, so the user would then not see any forms opening and closing. You could add all the user controls to the form at the same time and then just change the visibility or z-order so they only see one at a time, or you could dynamically create, add and remove them on the form as required.

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