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Thread: 1 on 1 coaching

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    1 on 1 coaching

    how about adding a 1 on 1 coaching feature? 1 person asking for a specific thing(s) and only 1 coach? instead of every tom, *, and harry in a thread putting in their 2 cents screwing up the project? nothing like 20 people giving out "advice" or "pieces of code" and expect the person looking for help to piece it all together.. in the mean time both sides get pissed off. and * hits the fan with other members, mods & admins..

    just stating fact!
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    Re: 1 on 1 coaching

    That would defeat the purpose of a forum based site like this one....

    BUT, you are welcome to try. You can send private messages to anyone and make them an offer they can't refuse... And you don't have to limit your efforts to just this site.

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    Re: 1 on 1 coaching

    Just my penn'orth. Throwing it in to the mix as it were... My opinion is that - Oh, I can't remember, or I don't have an opinion. However, if anyone here wants to have a battle about it, then I'd be willing to join in.

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    Re: 1 on 1 coaching

    You could try a site like fiverr.

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    Re: 1 on 1 coaching

    The problem that I would foresee with one on one coaching would be that you get what you pay for. A freelance coder would charge a pretty high hourly rate. If you want less than that, how much less? How would you even know? On here, nobody answers EVERY question, and most people only answer a few, here and there. It may be that they aren't familiar with a subject, or don't want to take the time to compose a detailed response, or they just don't have the time at all. If you were to find one person, would they have an answer to your question? Would it be the best answer? Would it be the one that you wanted? Just look at a place like Stack Overflow. Loads of answers, but only a few of them are considered good.
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