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Thread: Missing Features

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    Missing Features

    Just went to REPLY to a Thread. Selected Advance. Other than emogis (sp?), everything else is missing (e.g. code tags, quote tags, bold, etc. etc.).

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    Re: Missing Features

    That is true. Luckily you can still manually add the tags.

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    Re: Missing Features

    "Reply" and "Reply With Quote" doesn't work for me, but the "Quick Reply" comment box is still good.

    I've been manually adding the quote tags.


    If anyone wants to identify who they're quoting, then after the text within the quote brackets add "=Steve R Jones" for example, then it would look like this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve R Jones
    That is true. Luckily you can still manually add the tags.
    Of course after the comment you are quoting, type the quote tag again, but within the quote brackets before the word "QUOTE" add /.
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