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Thread: Forum features freeze MS Edge

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    Forum features freeze MS Edge

    Maybe I'm the only one who has this problem: a simple click on the Insert Image icon (and some others) freezes my browser, which happens to be MsEdge on Windows 10.

    Is this a known problem, do others have the same experience?

    P.S.: Same for "Reply with quote"
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    Re: Forum features freeze MS Edge

    There are several posts in the last day or two about problems with these forums. I'd give them a couple of days and see if they get it sorted.
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    Re: Forum features freeze MS Edge

    I had something "similiar" with posting SQL-Code (didn't matter if within code-tags or not):

    If my SQL-Code contained the word "C ASE" (as in C ASE WHEN <-- Note the Space i had to insert), the "post"-button simply didn't react at all
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    Re: Forum features freeze MS Edge

    Yes, the weekend had some issues. Today is a US holiday for some types of companies. Perhaps something will happen, perhaps it will take longer.
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