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not possible.
how do you want to get the fully paid teachers, when you want the SUM across teachers?
same with students.

this will only work, if you ignore teachers/students to receive a total sum
I think there is slight thing to modify in this code.
When I print RS!SumPayment, I get correct result, except if a subject is duplicated.
In this scenario:
Steven Spielberg's remaining = 0 (for Math)
James Cameron's remaining = 0 (for Physics)

Steven Spielberg's SumPayment = 300 (for Math)
James Cameron's SumPayment = 50 (for Physics)

this code gives correct output: 350

but if we add for example:
Stanley Kubrick's remaining = 0 (for Physics)
Stanley Kubrick's's SumPayment = 100 (for Physics)

The code give 350 though it should give 450.
Physics is duplicated. The code doesn't take that into account.

However if we add:
Stanley Kubrick's remaining = 0 (for English)
Stanley Kubrick's's SumPayment = 100 (for English)
The code gives correct result: 450

    TR  AS (SELECT SC.ID, SC.Student_ID, COALESCE(SC.Price, S.SubjectPrice) AS SubjectPrice, 
            S.SName As SubjectName, TE.TName As TeacherName, SC.NumOfSessions, 
            COALESCE(SC.Price, S.SubjectPrice)*SC.NumOfSessions As TotalSubjectPrice,
            SUM(COALESCE(T.Payment,0)) As SumPayment, Max(T.PayDate) As LastPayDate
            FROM tbl_student_class AS SC 
            INNER JOIN tbl_teacher_subject AS TS ON TS.ID=SC.Class_ID
            INNER JOIN tbl_teacher AS TE ON TE.ID=TS.Teacher_ID
            INNER JOIN tbl_subject AS S ON S.ID=TS.Subject_ID
            LEFT JOIN tbl_transaction As T ON T.Student_Class_ID=SC.ID 
            GROUP BY SC.ID,SC.Student_ID, COALESCE(SC.Price, S.SubjectPrice), S.SName, TE.TName, SC.NumOfSessions,COALESCE(SC.Price, S.SubjectPrice)*SC.NumOfSessions),
    SP    AS (SELECT TR.Student_ID, SUM(TR.TotalSubjectPrice) As SumTotal, SUM(TR.SumPayment) As SumPayment 
            FROM TR GROUP BY TR.Student_ID)
SELECT S.STName As Student, 
COALESCE(SP.SumTotal, 0) AS SumTotal, COALESCE(SP.SumPayment, 0) AS SumPayment, 
COALESCE(SP.SumTotal, 0)-COALESCE(SP.SumPayment, 0) As Remaining

FROM tbl_student AS S 
COALESCE(SP.SumTotal, 0)-COALESCE(SP.SumPayment, 0)=0 /*Returns Students who have paid in full */
Debug.Print RS!SumPayment