Brain b1 = new Brain();
        b1.logicChobit.addSkill(new DiCron().setCron(new Cron(new PlayGround().getCurrentTimeStamp(),2,3)));//Cron(String startTime, int minutes, int limit)
        b1.hardwareChobit.addSkill(new DiSysOut());
        Scanner scanner = new Scanner(;
        System.out.println("enter input");
        String str1 = scanner.nextLine();
        while (!str1.equals("exit")){
            str1 = scanner.nextLine();
the cron module triggers true at start time and each minutes time interval after that for limit times. and it resets for the next 24 hours.

in this example it is used to make the bot output "snore" (at night as per the default c'tor).

I just used the builder setter to test the skill, normally I just use the default setter, with 12:05 as the trigger start time for the Cron.

it's a shame IDE's don't have a default Cron boolean gate, but who cares? I got mine.
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