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Thread: software design patterns question

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    software design patterns question

    how can a new software design pattern be officially recognized and added to the list of?
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    Re: software design patterns question

    You write a paper describing the pattern, how it works, when to use it, and why.... and publish it some how. People read it and either agree with it, or they don't. if it gains enough popularity and people use it ... then that's what happens. Or it get ripped apart and no one uses it and it does a slow painful death.

    that said, there's no "official" list of deign patterns. Most of the known ones are just that - common patterns that people have recognized over time.

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    Re: software design patterns question

    Or, perhaps you get Donald Knuth to write another book that includes it. That would work. He's only 85, so it's still possible.
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