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Thread: Israel?

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    Re: Israel?

    As you wish but one piece of advice. When asking someone to "let it go" it's a bad idea to insult them:-
    Like I said, I've never used to term "virtue signaling" . I didn't say you haven't done it. lol
    That makes you look disingenuous, at best. lol.
    Yeah, it's easy to spot when you see someone else do it.

    But it was a sincere offer. But I'm retired with lots of spare time to continue rewording the same concept over and over. So either way works for me.

    Because the people actually responsible for this have a vested interest in ongoing conflict. If peace breaks out Hamas cease to have a purpose and therefore cease exist and Netanyahu faces an election that he will almost certainly lose and he will very likely face corruption charges. This conflict is not about Israelis and Palestinians. It's not even about Jews and Muslims. It's about people who have power and are willing to throw people who don't have power under the wheels to hold on to that power.
    And like I keep saying, Israelis are responsible for Netanyahu having this power. This was their choice, this is who they wanted. Netanyahu is not know for wanting peace. Responsibility doesn't stop at Netanyahu.
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    Re: Israel?

    Netanyahu doesn't want peace, but until October, he didn't have war. He had a simmering, seemingly-manageable, conflict. Still, he got elected by people who didn't want peace, either, so I'd agree with you that they didn't elect him for peace. They DID think they could win on the cheap, though. I think a lot of people might have woken up to the idea that winning may not even be possible, and certainly won't be so cheap. That's political change.
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