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Thread: twinbasic is very difficult to generate 64-bit OCX controls for use in EXCEL

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    twinbasic is very difficult to generate 64-bit OCX controls for use in EXCEL

    Took a couple of hours to figure it out. I hope the price of twinbasic will come down a bit.
    How much is it a month now?
    If you only pay for one month, should you only use the current version? Next month's release will still be unregistered?
    The old version of the current month can always be used, but can not be upgraded to the latest version for free?

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    Re: twinbasic is very difficult to generate 64-bit OCX controls for use in EXCEL

    New ActveX Control project, make project, compile, it automatically registers, then shows up in the references list in Excel... I don't know how much simpler it could be. The biggest confusing part is all the different places names go and which ones will show up where in other hosts. The documentation is still pretty sparse but had you checked, you'd have seen this article walking you through building one.

    Bigger issue right now is making one that doesn't crash... 64bit VBA is horrifically unstable; not entirely tB's fault, even simple callback code directly in VBA (not an ocx) is nigh impossible to use without crashing... but that will be improved before 1.0.

    The price hasn't changed in a long time, and likely won't until the pre-order discount goes away for new subscribers, but yes this has been a sore spot. It is quite expensive for even the lower of the two tiers for hobbyists. I would point out though that I'd consider Delphi a comparable product and it's significantly more expensive, and the restrictions are light enough that the community edition (free) is an entirely viable option... if you're not selling it, so what if there's a splash screen on x64 builds? It's also pretty generous to allow even enterprise-scale distribution on the free tier when x86 builds have no splash screen; I'm not aware of any tools with free vs paid tiers that allow that.

    I think a lot of people would like to see something in between community and professional in the future. As to how license expiration will work, I'm not sure that's even be finalized at this point. If you stop by GitHub Discussions or Discord and ask, you'll probably get a response from Wayne on that quicker than here.

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