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    While working with "wininet", I ran across a new feature. In the user temp file (C:\Users\(UserID)\AppData\Local\Temp\) I found a directory called "SmartScreen" with a sub directory called "RemoteData". In that directory were 3 files:
    2023-09-10 09:07 AM 18 LastPing
    2023-09-10 09:07 AM 84 windowsSettings
    2023-09-10 09:07 AM 996 windowsSettings_1.0-b67f88f8c750a2a5555a70f16595a864309d3fded27a29beac5294008116a5e2

    The last file contained:
    "geoidMaps": {
    "eu": "",
    "ffl4": "",
    "ffl4mod": "",
    "ffl5": "",
    "test": "",
    "uk": "",
    "us": "",
    "au": "",
    "gw_eu": "",
    "gw_ffl4": "",
    "gw_ffl4mod": "",
    "gw_ffl5": "",
    "gw_test": "",
    "gw_uk": "",
    "gw_us": "",
    "gw_au": ""
    A quick search reveals that SmartScreen is a relatively new Windows feature that is supposed to warn you if you attempt to visit a questionable web site. It operates in the background, with some conflicting opinions on its usefulness. Personally, I have found no discernible delays or negative impacts and have yet to see a warning.


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    Re: SmartScreen

    Sending every URL you visit for Microsoft to log, track, sell to 3rd parties, and hand over to police without warrants sure sounds like a negative impact to me.

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    Re: SmartScreen

    Looks like it was added to Win 8 and newer.... There's plenty of info on how to Disable it.
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