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Thread: C64 Basic Banchmarking Video

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    C64 Basic Banchmarking Video

    There are still people dabbling in "retro computing" on old hardware and emulators.

    This guy is fiddling with a C64, but he's probably giving some insights into other early MS Basic dialects as well.

    Seeing this helps me appreciate what have in later Basics.

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    Re: C64 Basic Banchmarking Video

    C64 was my first ever basic, so this is a trip down memory lane. I have PTSD of manually typing in long lists of code from books to try and do pixel graphics in the C64 (POKE? PEEK?), only to never actually work for me. Not dissimilar from trying to get Win32 API calls to work in 64bit VBA...

    What I can't work out is what shortcut he used to list the code - I've never seen that before (i.e., the L lower left corner character).

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    Re: C64 Basic Banchmarking Video

    Ah... the "L," I think that was something unique to the C64 dialect of Basic.

    Does bring back some memories for sure.

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