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Thread: OS/5: Written in VBDOS!

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    OS/5: Written in VBDOS!

    I hadn't heard of this one as far as I can recall:

    Interesting for what it is. I spotted its "VBDOSness" before the video mentioned it,

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    Re: OS/5: Written in VBDOS!

    That's a blast from the past! We used MS VB for MS-DOS for a while in the early 1990's before we moved to MS Windows. It was used to give a 'gui' look and feel to our MS-DOS programs and was well liked by users at the time. Much of the workings of OS/5 (all the 'clever' bits) are based on features of MS-DOS VB which were quite extensive for MS-DOS at the time. Once Windows was established, MS-DOS VB was quietly forgotten by MS as they wanted everyone to move from MS-DOS to Windows.
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