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Thread: Believe Thread belongs in NET not VB6 Forum

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    Believe Thread belongs in NET not VB6 Forum

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    Re: Believe Thread belongs in NET not VB6 Forum

    See how right at the bottom of your post, and mine, there is a triangle icon? That's the Report Post icon. The next time you find a post that you think should be moved, or otherwise called to the Mod's attention, that the icon you should click on. Itll take you to a form where you can say what you think is wrong about it. It then goes to the moderator's space and they can deal with it as needed. When I find a lost post, I just click that, add a note, usualyl something like "lost post, should be in XXXXXXX section." and send it...easy peasy.

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    Re: Believe Thread belongs in NET not VB6 Forum

    AND - after SEVEN YEARS - I wouldn't bother reporting it.
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