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Thread: [RESOLVED] Can't Copy/Paste

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Can't Copy/Paste

    There is a worksheet in my workbook that won't allow me to copy/paste. Other worksheets do. What happens is that after I copy a call and then I right-click, the Paste options are grayed out. When I try Ctrl+V it just beeps with no error message. The worksheet is not protected and I don't get any message telling me that the worksheet is protected. I've quit Excel and tried repairing the workbook but that didn't help.

    Any ideas?

    Another question. Why don't I get notifications of replies to my questions?

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    Re: [RESOLVED] Can't Copy/Paste

    For the notifications issue, possibly useful link:

    ON the Copy/Paste issue, can you copy from Excel and then paste into a different application?

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