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Thread: WebView in TwinBASIC

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    WebView in TwinBASIC

    How to use a webpage as a software interface to hide the navigation bar at the top of the form.
    I want to make a pure webpage without form frame and put it in WEBVIEW
    Realize dragging the webpage, and the form of the whole program follows the movement?

    I don't know how to close the program by entering a shortcut key?
    Virtual minimize and maximize buttons can also be placed on the webpage.
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    Re: twinBASIC programming - Beta releases

    Look at Example 1 in the WebView Samples project (Sample 0 on the New project-Samples menu). If you look at the controls, you see the address bar is just a textbox, the webpage is rendered as view without controls.

    From there you'd just use the normal means of making a borderless, control-less form... form border style = none. Alt+F4 would still close it.

    To control form movement from the webpage is a bit harder; you'd have to switch to a tbShellLib-based solution which has webMessage events and inject a script into each page to relay mouse events.

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    Re: WebView in TwinBASIC

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