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Thread: How to remove unused references from a project?

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    How to remove unused references from a project?

    Older versions had a "Remove unused references" button next to their list. It might causing missing problems for some references but I was fine with it.

    In newer versions this button is not available here. However in this link, Microsoft said that you can still doing it. The problem is this right click menu item is not available for me. I cannot see it. Not right clicking on "Solution" neither on "My Project" settings nor "References" tab.

    What I tried is just Ctrl + R, G to removing unused Namespaces in the code.
    My project is still heavy in term of output size since I enabled "Copy to path" property of used references.

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    Re: How to remove unused references from a project?

    I am using 2019 Community and it seems to be working on it.
    Never mind! It is not there. I do have the option to remove individual ones, which I mistaken for the 'removed unused' option.

    The article you linked was updated earlier this year, so it is possibly only available in the latest version?

    If you are using NuGets though it should automatically update, and be easy enough to remove unused ones from the NuGet window.

    Question, not really related to the topic, what exactly do you mean by 'My project is still heavy in term of output size '? Like, what are we talking? 100mbs? 1gb?
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    Re: How to remove unused references from a project?

    Newer versions of VS seem to be opt-in more than earlier versions were. You got a few references to start with if you created a new project based on the forms template in earlier versions. In VS2022, I don't seem to get much of anything at all by default. It might be that MS just decided to chunk things up in such a way that they didn't think it necessary to include the option.
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