So I'm having an extremely weird issue with a COM object written in vb6 that I've gotten the misfortune of having to maintain. The library is just a wrapper for making SQL queries via ADO. When running locally it works fine; when deployed to the dev/test environment however the Recordset somehow corrupts the data coming back from my query. I expect a simple string of XML data but I get a long string of NULLs, and this behavior exhibits ONLY when using ADO from the COM object; I've run the same logic via powershell, vbscript, sqlclient...everything and cannot reproduce it elsewhere.

I've tried 1) changing the project references to use differing versions of ADO 2) changing compilation from p-code to native; nothing affects the outcome--it works locally but corrupts in DEV. I've never seen such a strange problem so I'm throwing a hail mary to see if anyone else has had something even remotely similar that could provide some insight