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Thread: [RESOLVED] Excel Syntax Error

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Excel Syntax Error

    This is part of a sub that does some things with 4 digit strings. cel is a range. This code shows a syntax error; what's wrong with it?

     For Each cel In MyRange
                If Left$(Cells(lngRow, "CR"), 3) = cel.value or_
                   Left$(Cells(lngRow, "CR"), 2) & Right$(Cells(lngRow, "CR"), 1) = cel.value  or _
                   Right$(Cells(lngRow, "CR"), 3) = cel.value or _
                   left$(Cells(lngRow, "CR"), 1) & Right$(Cells(lngRow, "CR"), 2) = cel.value then
                End If

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    Re: Excel Syntax Error

    Is it just the fact that there is no space between "or" and "_" in the first line?

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    Re: Excel Syntax Error

    Quote Originally Posted by OptionBase1 View Post
    Is it just the fact that there is no space between "or" and "_" in the first line?
    Don't see anything else, either.

    Trying to figure out what you're trying to do with those Left/Right.
    Looks like you're trying to find a pattern
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    Re: Excel Syntax Error

    You need a space between or and _ in the first line
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