I have a page that has multiple tables on it. I need to be able to dynamically hide/show one of two columns on one table and need to show or hide 3 of 6 columns in another table and I need to do this without hiding columns in the other tables that are present.

The code below hides the column and the header just fine in the first table.
$(' td:nth-child(3),th:nth-child(3)').hide();
The problem is that it also hides columns in other tables which I do not want hidden.

I tried adding a class to the table and use that in the call as in the line below
$('.general td:nth-child(3),th:nth-child(3)').hide();
Same result where it does what I need in one table but hides stuff in other tables as well.

I've been searching for a while now looking at lots of different examples of how to hide a column but have yet to find a way to restrict it to a specific table.

Any tips?