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Thread: Visual Studio Code

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    Visual Studio Code

    I have written quite a few programs over the years in VB6,, C++ and ASM. Plus usual stuff for the web Classic ASP, CSS, Java Script and PHP (only one small one)

    Now I want to write an app for Smart Phones where I notify users when certain events occur but I don't actually own a Smart Phone (I used a Nokia 6301i until they turned off G3 a few weeks ago where I live in the UK) so my knowledge of mobile is zero

    So after a bit of Googling I have concluded I should use React Native in Visual Studio Code

    So observations welcomed

    1. Am I taking the correct approach?
    2. Does Visual Studio Code have a section on this forum, if not, should it have?

    I appreciate that maybe this post should go in the Mobile section but with only one person on that page it is unlikely to help ...?

    Many thanks
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    Re: Visual Studio Code

    Our current mobile app creator company used xamarin.
    Other than that I don't know nor I care about mobile development.
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    Re: Visual Studio Code

    Thread moved to Mobile Development. If you provide an actual description of the subject in the title of your thread then many people will look regardless of the forum it's in. If your title is vague then some won't look even if it's in a forum they specifically care about. Put some thought and effort into your thread titles and help us help you.

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