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Thread: Big Project Manager (enhanced project treeview addin)

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    Big Project Manager (enhanced project treeview addin)

    Treeview based version of ColinE66's Large Project Organizer

        - dockable UserDocument mirrors vb6 project treeview on start
        - auto shows for projects which had it open on close
        - only supports a single project, no project groups (rare for me)
        - regroup nodes by drag drop and add arbitrary new folders
        - explicitly control child node layout/position 	
        - auto synced with IDE events adding/renaming/removing files 
        - can save and restore last view to disk
    	 - reloaded trees will diff against current IDE files
    	 - add files its missing from IDE to default folder for type
    	 - mark files removed from the IDE with ? icon
    	 - keeps your groupings, position, node state etc (expanded/collapsed)
        - add source files & folders to treeview by browse or drag/drop from explorer
        - view file in IDE on double click in tree or find, or right click (source or designer)
        - find dialog allows you to quickly search by name, group, or file name
        - find form allows drag/drop to main tree to reorder
    Screen shot (codeview is another free addin)
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    Re: Big Project Manager (enhanced project treeview addin)

    very good work.
    More people see it in the code bank than here.

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    Re: Big Project Manager (enhanced project treeview addin)

    Great work!!!

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