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Thread: [RESOLVED] Count colored cells in a filtered column

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Count colored cells in a filtered column

    Column X in my worksheet is formatted as General and in that column some of the cells are blank, some are numbers, and some are numbers with a fill color, and all the fill colors are the same.

    I need a formula that will return the count of the visible cells that have a fill color, even when the rows are filtered. For example if no rows are filtered and there are 4 filled cells the formula should return 4 and after filtering if there are only 2 visible filled cells the formula should return 2.

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    Re: Count colored cells in a filtered column

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    Re: Count colored cells in a filtered column

    Quote Originally Posted by jdc2000 View Post
    Yep, that's the same link i found. and it works!
    But it's convoluted, since it involves a Makro4-Function, meaning the Workbook must be saved with Macros (xlsm)
    Another downside is, that there is no "automatic" recalculating/refreshing if, say a backcolor of a cell is changed

    Probably easier to save the Workbook with Macros, and write a custom public Function in a module, which then you can use like any other Excel-Function
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