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Thread: Autosize and font problem in elementary WPF

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    Autosize and font problem in elementary WPF

    Since the Steve R. Jones is moderator here, I suppose things are strictly tough here. This is my first thread here on WPF. I'm new to it (I mean that kind of new which didn't know how to comment in xaml till now) So this may be considered as a duplicated thread.

    Lots of questions were already answered through youtube or personal experience. These are remaining:

    1) Consider a tab control in a left grid you want to perform a dock-left action which leads also an empty tab item, as long as form itself. How would you do that? Wherever you see a height/width in numbers you should doubt about it (Once a big man said) I already tried "400", "*" and "auto" is there something else that I'm not aware of? Like "Fill"
            <TabControl Grid.Column="0" Grid.Row="1" HorizontalAlignment="Center" Height="400"  VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="auto" FontFamily="Segoe ui">
                <TabItem x:Name="a" Header="DASHBOARD">
                    <!--Grid Background="#FFE5E5E5"/-->
                <TabItem x:Name="b" Header="VESSEL">
                    <!--Grid Background="#FFE5E5E5"/-->
    2) I want to use MS Segoe Fluent Icons for few specific items but when I use them all characters will turn into empty block invalid symbols. How can I rectify it? Is there a text rendering, allow ansi/unicode thing to activate here?

    3) What's the difference between a WPF page and its UserControl? And is the WPFWindow equal to WinForm Forms?

    If is there a useful video playlist outthere or beginners thread here, I would be delighted to take a look. Thanks in advance. ♥ <Pourkascheff/>

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    Re: Autosize and font problem in elementary WPF

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    Re: Autosize and font problem in elementary WPF

    Quote Originally Posted by pourkascheff View Post
    3) What's the difference between a WPF page and its UserControl? And is the WPFWindow equal to WinForm Forms?
    A Window is like a Form object in WinForms. As for Page and UserControl, I'm not sure there is even a technical difference between them. However, Pages are meant to be used in navigation scenarios like how a web-browser works where you can go back or forward through your navigation history. A UserControl on the other hand is meant to be used to create custom controls by hosting other controls and elements.
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