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Thread: uploading Image from Xamarin Forms to Server

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    uploading Image from Xamarin Forms to Server

    i have a webservice running but say the webservice address is :

    i can upload the image to the upload folder in this domain

    but my main application is in

    now the image is needed in this domain but as far as i know i when my webapi is in estaterservice i cannot upload the image directly to right ?

    very puzzled as to how to do this. anyone can pls. guide me as to how to go around this pls.
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    Re: uploading Image from Xamarin Forms to Server

    Convert the image to an array of bytes or any suitable transfer format.
    Make a Web API call from a Xamarin Forms application to the server, sending the image data in the request payload.
    Implement a specific endpoint on the server to get the image data and store it in a desired location, such as an upload folder.
    Once the image has been successfully uploaded to, you will be able to access it using its URL on that domain.
    In your application, make an HTTP request to retrieve the downloaded image from using its URL.

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