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Thread: Powerpoint Image control

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    Powerpoint Image control

    I am VERY new to VBA and coding.

    I am trying to create a bingo game in powerpoint for work. However I want the bingo caller to display images. Currently, I have label controls that display each picture and it randomizes based on a command button. However, I would like to have an Image control on the side that displays the picture from the label control that is being called at that moment and then switch when the next one is called, etc. I have not been able to figure out how to do this. I can have the pictures to pull from on a separate slide but I am not sure how to create the path to them in code or do something that would be easier.

    This is my code so far (plus a currently empty image control):

    Dim arr(26)
    Dim rndCount As Integer
    Dim number As Integer
    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    Display.Caption = ""
    Erase arr()
    Display.Visible = False
    Label1.Visible = False
    Label2.Visible = False
    Label3.Visible = False
    Label4.Visible = False
    Label5.Visible = False
    Label6.Visible = False
    Label7.Visible = False
    Label8.Visible = False
    Label9.Visible = False
    Label10.Visible = False
    Label11.Visible = False
    Label12.Visible = False
    Label13.Visible = False
    Label14.Visible = False
    Label15.Visible = False
    Label16.Visible = False
    Label17.Visible = False
    Label18.Visible = False
    Label19.Visible = False
    Label20.Visible = False
    Label21.Visible = False
    Label22.Visible = False
    Label23.Visible = False
    Label24.Visible = False
    Label25.Visible = False
    End Sub
    Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()
    Display.Visible = True
    Do While rndCount <= 10000
        number = Int((25 * Rnd) + 1)
        rndCount = rndCount + 1
        If arr(number) <> number Then
            arr(number) = number
            Display.Caption = number
            Exit Do
        End If
    If Display.Caption = 1 Then
        Label1.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 2 Then
        Label2.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 3 Then
        Label3.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 4 Then
        Label4.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 5 Then
        Label5.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 6 Then
        Label6.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 7 Then
        Label7.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 8 Then
        Label8.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 9 Then
        Label9.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 10 Then
        Label10.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 11 Then
        Label11.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 12 Then
        Label12.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 13 Then
        Label13.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 14 Then
        Label14.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 15 Then
        Label15.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 16 Then
        Label16.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 17 Then
        Label17.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 18 Then
        Label18.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 19 Then
        Label19.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 20 Then
        Label20.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 21 Then
        Label21.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 22 Then
        Label22.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 23 Then
        Label23.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 24 Then
        Label24.Visible = True
    ElseIf Display.Caption = 25 Then
        Label25.Visible = True
    End If
    End Sub

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    Re: Powerpoint Image control

    Maybe some ideas from the link below:

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    Re: Powerpoint Image control

    Hi. My apologies, but I don't properly understand what it is that you're trying to do. Your reference to Labels, CommandButtons and Image controls suggests to me that you're dealing primarily with a userform, but then your reference slides would suggest otherwise (in which case, I'm not entirely sure why you're using label controls at all).

    If it's the former, then a picture loaded into one control are simple stdPicture objects, in which case they can be easily passed from one to the other.

    Image1.Picture = Label1.Picture
    and so on. If the latter, then I wonder if perhaps there is a better way of loading images than the copy/paste method.

    Could you possibly post an image of what you're attempting to do?

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