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Thread: Change of database SQLExpress to MySql

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    Change of database SQLExpress to MySql

    If I have written an application which uses SQLExpress and want to convert it to MySQL, is it a simple task of changing the connection string or would it involve a large rewrite of the code that refers to the database ?

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    Re: Change of database SQLExpress to MySql

    Depends on which version of VB ... if VB6 then it might need some tweaking on the SQL iteself... if .NET then you'll need to swap out the SQLServer objects fro the MtSQLConnector ones... which should be a simple search/replace.

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    Re: Change of database SQLExpress to MySql

    What tg said.
    addionally you‘d have to change DBMS specific SQL-Stuff.
    the classic being „SELECT TOP(1)“ vs. „SELECT….. LIMIT 1“
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    Re: Change of database SQLExpress to MySql

    You can add the MySQL Connector/Net as a NuGet package and then change all the System.Data.SqlClient types to the corresponding MySql.Data.MySqlClient types.

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