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Thread: Random Reportviewer error

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    Random Reportviewer error

    hi all. I wonder if anyone has encountered a similar situation and knows why I sometimes get the error shown in the image. Most of the time, the report is shown as expected but some of the time (randomly), I get the error. What is causing this issue? Is this a Reportviewer bug? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Random Reportviewer error

    Please provide the relevant code and a sample report. Also, you should be aware this forum might change an image's size. The text is almost unreadable. Perhaps cropping it would be a good idea? Also, it's usually possible to select and then copy-paste text, which makes a screenshot unnecessary to begin with.
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    Re: Random Reportviewer error

    For Peter (and the rest) it says (sorry for posible the typing mistakes since I am typing and viewing it on my phone)
    An error occurred during local report processing.
    An unexpected error occurred in report processing.
    Value cannot be null.
    Parameter name: input.
    For vinz915: From what I read you a contol of variable which you called "input" . When you received this error the control of variable "input" was empty during the report making. It could be because you didn't fill in a field. Or maybe you tried to calculate something impossible like two + 2 (a computer can't calculate with text). Or maybe because a condition isn't correct and the program skips that part of the program.

    The best solution I can give at the moment is to fill in the report until you get an error. Repeat this with debugging and then see why "input" remains empty.

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    Re: Random Reportviewer error

    There's a report parameter in the rdlc file that is null and you set the parameter in the rdlc file not to accept null.

    You have two choices:

    1. Either you change the parameter setting so it accepts nulls.

    2. Or you make sure (from your code) that the parameter will never be null.

    Choice 1. See the attached image
    Attachment 185971

    Choice 2. Do something like this:

    Assign a value to YOUR_VARIABLE
    Check that YOUR_VARIABLE is not null
    Then send the value to the report like usual

    Dim param As New ReportParameter("input", YOUR_VARIABLE)
    I recommend following choice 2 because if you followed choice 1 no error will appear but you will get empty cells in your report when the variable is null

    Hope that helps

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