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Thread: im about of making a BASIC computer

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    im about of making a BASIC computer

    im about of making a BASIC computer, the months i was offline, i was actually working with arduino. i made the computer but tft lcd burn (ST7789) its running TinyBasic (steven's basic/tinybasic not tinybasic plus)i can draw: pixel rectangle circle bitmap bitmap with 2x size. its rgb565 and displays it like rgb888.also im gonna build a case USING vb6 lol not impossibe XD, next year ill finish project. also im working on vb7 ))))))) (vbforums users:thats impossible to gaouser can do this)

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    Re: im about of making a BASIC computer

    I'd agree with gaouser that it would be next to impossible for gaouser to create a replacement for VB6. I shall use as evidence the fact that as gaouser is unable to use any sort of English grammar whatsoever, his ability to do anything meaningful in English is severely impaired. At best we should prepare for vEE-bAsiK, full of bugs, lacking functionality and documentation written entirely in Turkglish.
    By the power invested in me, all the threads I start are Niya and Olaf free zones - no arguing about the benefits of VB6 over .NET here please. Happiness must reign.

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    Re: im about of making a BASIC computer

    Great, you made some cheap hobbyist computer thingy run some form of BASIC. It's an amusing little project to get by in your spare time, but other than trying to share this news here, what's the point of this thread?
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