ModVB, a Roslyn-based VS.NET_hosted modern VB compiler built on top VB.NET by one of Rolsyn and VB.NET creators:
All you need to use it is to install a VS extension and reference a NUGet in the VB.NET app you want to use ModVB to compile it!
Follow the detailed instructions in the above link.
All existing VB.NET code will work as is, beside a 2 new syntax features, that you can tryout in this pre-release version:
1. JSON literals:
you can write Json literals directly in VB code inside {}. JSON Literal returns JObject, where you can use it's methods to get values, with the aid of LinQ.
2. JSON patterns:
you can use Select case ShapeOf statement to check if the start of the Json literal matches some formula.
For more details:

Note that these two features can be important in ASP.NET apps, where JSON is widely used. But this is not the important thing in this pre-release of ModVB. The important thing is that we can upgrade the VB.NET compiler using VB.NET project templates inside VS.NET IDE. There are planes to make ModVB crate ASP.NET core and mobile apps. We need support from community at least to test new features and report issues. And of course, it will be better if we can contribute to ModVB at some stage.
Anthony will open source the code and explain in details how it works, so, we can participate in this historic event.