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Thread: [RESOLVED] Project Folder Structure/Restructure

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Project Folder Structure/Restructure

    I have a VB.NET (Windows Forms app) project. It currently consists of 20 forms and a module in their default location. While reading on setting up a a repository (GitHub) I noticed that there is a folder structures used by most developers. These seem to be the standard structure.

    • artifacts
    • build
    • docs
    • lib
    • samples
    • src
    • tests
    • .editorconfig
    • .gitignore
    • build.cmd
    • Project.sln

    Can I just create the folders in solution explorer and move files?
    Where do I put the files for each form (.vb, .resx, and .designer.vb)?
    Will this require re-coding the forms (specifically the subs that open and close other forms)?

    Any assistance on how to restructure my project correctly would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Project Folder Structure/Restructure

    build <---- This is where you put release builds
    docs <---- Documentation goes here
    lib <--- additional libraries go here
    samples <---- Sample codes, files, etc go here
    src <---- HERE, put your source files here... that's what "src" means.. source. So put them here, you can use what ever structurre in here that makes sense.
    tests <--- unit and/or automation tests go here
    .editorconfig < ---- the rest of these are just files

    Looks like a basic github kind of setup there ... you use what you need or want to. There's no specific way you have to do it. But the above struxture reflects common setup.
    As a side note, the projects I work on don't use the above structure. I mean we have the gitignore file, and readme, but our src folder is burried a bit, and our test folder is even deeper than that.

    Bottom line, use the structure for your project that makes sense. Not going to do any release builds? Don't use the build folder? Don't need to distribute sample files or codes? Don't use the sample folder.

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    Re: Project Folder Structure/Restructure

    Thanks for the explanation.

    I was able to complete the restructuring without issue. Created the folders, then cut and pasted the forms and modules in their respective folders in the src folder.

    Thanks again.

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