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Thread: Copying a chart series to another

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    Copying a chart series to another

    Consider you have an array of charts, filled with one series of x,y points and you want to clone a specific one in another large chart (in another form) to perform a sort of magnification operation for selected member of that array.

    What is the proper approach to achieve such thing?

    How about a for loop to add points from here to another?
    For i=0 to Me.Chart1.Series(0).Points.All then
                Form2.Chart1.Series(0).add = Me.Chart1.Series(0).Points(i)
    Codes are wrong. Only for understandin

    Or is there a property/method thing to shortcut looping?
    Form2.Chart1 = Me.Chart1
    Codes are wrong. Only for understandin

    Don't know either ways. I just assumed they're possible ways.
    Thanks in advance/.
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    Re: Copying a chart series to another

    you have to do it the hard way : transfer the serie in a list

    use a list of tuple or use a list of pointf or create a structure named Points (if you want to use double)
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