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Thread: WebView2 get innerhtml and http cookies data

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    WebView2 get innerhtml and http cookies data

    how do i get the innerhtml and login cookies.

    Option Explicit
    'Note, that this Demo requires the properly registered RC6-Binaries
    'and in addition an installed "Chromium-Edge" (in its "evergreen" WebView2-incarnation)
    'installable from its official MS-Download-URL:
    Private WithEvents WV As cWebView2 'declare a WebView-variable WithEvents
    Private Sub Form_Load()
      Visible = True '<- it's important, that the hosting TopLevel-Form is visible...
                     '...(and thus the Child-PicBox indirectly as well) - before we Bind the PicBox to the WebView
      Set WV = New_c.WebView2 'create the instance
      If WV.BindTo(picWV.hWnd) = 0 Then MsgBox "couldn't initialize WebView-Binding": Exit Sub
    '  Set WV = New_c.WebView2(picWV.hWnd) 'create the instance
    '  If WV Is Nothing Then MsgBox "couldn't initialize WebView-Binding": Exit Sub
    End Sub
    '*** VB-Command-Button-Handlers
    Private Sub cmdNavigate_Click()
       WV.Navigate "" '<- alternatively WV.jsProp("location.href") = "" would also work
       'the call below, just to show that our initially added js-functions, remain "in place" - even when we re-navigate to something else
       WV.jsRunAsync "test", 2, 3
    End Sub
    Private Sub WV_NavigationCompleted(ByVal IsSuccess As Boolean, ByVal WebErrorStatus As Long)
    Debug.Print "NavigationCompleted welaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"
    End Sub
    Private Sub picWV_Resize() 'when the hosting picBox got resized, we have to call a syncSize-method on the WebView
      If Not WV Is Nothing Then WV.SyncSizeToHostWindow
    End Sub
    Private Sub picWV_GotFocus() 'same thing here... when the hosting picBox got the focus, we tell the WebView about it
      If Not WV Is Nothing Then WV.SetFocus
    End Sub
    '*** the above two EventHandlers (of the hosting VB-PicBox-Container-Ctl) are basically all what's needed "GUI-Binding-wise"
    '*** the rest of the EventHandlers below, are raised by the WebView-instance itself
    Private Sub WV_InitComplete()
      Debug.Print "WV_InitComplete"
    End Sub
    'Private Sub WV_NavigationCompleted(ByVal IsSuccess As Long, ByVal WebErrorStatus As Long)
      'Debug.Print "WV_NavigationCompleted"
    'End Sub
    Private Sub WV_DocumentComplete()
      Debug.Print "WV_DocumentComplete"
    End Sub
    Private Sub WV_GotFocus(ByVal Reason As eWebView2FocusReason)
      Debug.Print "WV_GotFocus", Reason
    End Sub
    Private Sub WV_JSAsyncResult(Result As Variant, ByVal Token As Currency, ByVal ErrString As String)
      Debug.Print "WV_JSAsyncResult "; Result, Token, ErrString
       Text2.Text = Result
    End Sub
    Private Sub WV_JSMessage(ByVal sMsg As String, ByVal sMsgContent As String, oJSONContent As cCollection)
      Debug.Print sMsg, sMsgContent
      Select Case sMsg
        Case "btn1_click": MsgBox "txt1.value: " & WV.jsProp("document.getElementById('txt1').value")
      End Select
    End Sub
    Private Sub WV_LostFocus(ByVal Reason As eWebView2FocusReason)
      Debug.Print "WV_LostFocus", Reason
    End Sub
    Private Sub WV_UserContextMenu(ByVal ScreenX As Long, ByVal SreenY As Long)
      Debug.Print "WV_UserContextMenu", ScreenX, SreenY
    End Sub
    Private Sub WV_WebResourceResponseReceived(ByVal ReqURI As String, ByVal ReqMethod As String, ByVal RespStatus As Long, ByVal RespReasonPhrase As String, ByVal RespHeaders As RC6.cCollection)
    On Error Resume Next
    Text2.Text = Text2.Text & RespHeaders & vbNewLine
    End Sub
    error Text2.Text = Text2.Text & RespHeaders & vbNewLine
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    Re: WebView2 get innerhtml and http cookies data

    I would also like to know also,can anybody share how to get the cookies when logged in

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