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Thread: Reasons why hospital needs a mobile app?

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    Reasons why hospital needs a mobile app?

    Why would the healthcare industry stay aloof from this fast-emerging and growing field?

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    Re: Reasons why hospital needs a mobile app?

    What steps have you taken to come to this conclusion?

    BUT, HIPPA Laws come to mind... I don't want a nurse or receptionist showing her bar buddies pictures of my junk.
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    Re: Reasons why hospital needs a mobile app?

    Quote Originally Posted by MarkOrion View Post
    Why would the healthcare industry stay aloof from this fast-emerging and growing field?
    Probably because you're a bot.

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    Re: Reasons why hospital needs a mobile app?

    There's mobile apps (apps that can be accessed anywhere) and there are (phone) mobile apps ...
    With minor exceptions, there aren't many phone mobile apps ... I won't say there aren't any, because there are. I have several of them. One for hte pharmacy, one for the insurance company, and one that communicates with my doctors - all of them. With the pharmacy one it allows me to see what scripts I have, and to order refills when I need to. With the insurance one I can see my benefits, get a copy of my card, and see what they paid and what I need to pay following adjustments.
    With the healthcare one, I can see upcoming appiontments, make an appointment, see test results, remarks from recent visits.
    The reason there isn't a lot if players in the field is beause it relies on access to a lot, I mean A LOT, of PII (personal identification information) and PHI (personal health information) that's subject to a number of laws and regulations. It also means the health care partner needs to have their stuff digital and in a format that's compatible with the data exchange. That's not something easily achievable, it takes time, effort, and of course money.

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    Re: Reasons why hospital needs a mobile app?

    now the health industry is developing very much. special applications are created for recording certain procedures and even operations. maybe you just haven't come across

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    Re: Reasons why hospital needs a mobile app?

    Quote Originally Posted by MarkOrion View Post
    Why would the healthcare industry stay aloof from this fast-emerging and growing field?
    Security of "personal medical records"... Most still use private records and the LAST thing they want to be responsible for is someone NOT the client, getting hold of sensitive medical records or client information. Also, they don't want other medical establishments to have access to the same records too. (They want everyone to "pay" for new records to be made, when switching health-care or doctors.)

    Imagine someone getting hold of your prescriptions information, your list of known life-threatening allergies, access to your pace-maker's serial and control information, access to your newly installed $200,000 hip information. (All things that other people are willing to exploit or "obtain" for a lower price, if they know you have them. Or they know you get certain prescriptions, at certain times. Or worse, having some form of ability to ALTER records, by faking credentials of a user, or exploits. Harming the client, not the medical industry. Unless they are under-cutting cheaper meds that might not even be real.)

    In short, it's because they are responsible and liable for "your life", as a health-care provider. Apps, like that, place clients into potential risk, as well as the health-care provider. Not worth the financial risk to them. Nothing really to gain from it.

    Just look at home security, for a perfect example of "why"... Those online, with apps, are the worst rated devices for "home security". It's called being an open-system. Unlike a closed system that is hard-wired or managed through wired connections like land-line telephone wires. As opposed to cellular and WiFi systems. All being hacked now, quite easily, like smart cars.

    Health-care industries are so paranoid now... They even lock medical records from employees, unless they are "needed". Even then, every record is given-out in a "need to know level". Every access to a record is logged and tied to a photograph or video of someone accessing the file, as well as most prescribed drugs, in most medical establishments.

    I'm not saying that someone won't be making one, but I wouldn't want to be the one who made one, and then have the multi-trillion dollar devil chasing me when deaths or abuse starts rolling-in, and they are looking for a legally bound scape-goat to go after. AKA: The developer of the app. The one who said, "Trust me, it'll be as secure as fort-knox!" Then it turns out that it wasn't even as secure as an ATM machine, or even a soda vending machine, or a simple website.
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