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Thread: View reports on browser designed in and sql server

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    View reports on browser designed in and sql server

    Hello everyone,

    I have been designing desktop applications for the last 10 years and this is fact that 60% of my customers are asking for web based software's. It is not possible to design desktop applications in so I am looking for some practical solution for my customers to view reports on their mobile. The current scenario is my application is designed in using SQL server 2014 and I am using crystal reports as a reporting tool. Complete application is on the main server and shared to use on all computers on LAN.

    Please suggest some ideas on how I can provide some solution to my customers so that they can view reports on their mobile or on browsers even after the main server is switched off.
    I am very confused and losing business as customers want to see reports on their mobile / browser.

    Web based software is gradually taking the place of desktop applications. It looks that in the next few years desktop applications will share 10% of the market and 90% web based will take share.
    Thank you

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    Re: View reports on browser designed in and sql server

    What sort of file does your print process create?. If you can output a .PDF file, the easiest solution would be to email this directly to the customer, from where they can do whatever they want with it.

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    Re: View reports on browser designed in and sql server

    Another option is to switch to a web based solution.

    You can setup an ASP.NET MVC web API project for the back-end and then use a professional component library like Kendo-UI to generate reports based on the returned data on the front-end.

    With this setup, you could refactor your desktop application to open a WebView2 pointing to the page that generates the report so that you can consolidate the actual report in one location.

    This of course would require that you setup a web server and doesn't solve the "... even after the main server is switched of".
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