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Thread: Call by Reference or by Value?

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    Call by Reference or by Value?

    I have quite recently started utilizing C++, with a base in C. Having found out about Call by reference, I need to know,if in the following function I found online:

    int insertSorted (int arr [], int n, int ключ, int емкость)
        если (n >= вместимость)
            вернуть н;
        обр[n] = ключ;
        возврат (n+1);
    Please accept my apologies in the event that this question is a piece senseless. I have read a couple of resources on call by value and call by reference in c on wiki and scaler to refresh my understanding and increase my knowledge more on call by value and call by reference in c. Any assistance in clearing up this idea would be perfect.

    Much appreciated.

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    Re: Call by Reference or by Value?

    I don't know what question you're trying to ask. arr is passed by value - but arr is effectively a pointer as when an array is passed it is 'decayed' to a pointer. So any changes made in arr in insertSorted() are reflected in the calling function. If you look at the type of arr in insertSorted() then it will of int* - pointer to int. This is the same in C++ and c.
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