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Thread: Getting replies to my Threads

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    Question Getting replies to my Threads

    I have been adding threads to the VB6 forums for many years now. every now and then (we are in a now currently), I do not get any emails about new posts in my threads. I learned, many yrs ago, that I need to be logged off to get an email. I don't know if that requirement is still true. In any event, whether I am logged on or off, I do not get a notification of a new post.

    Please advise.


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    Re: Getting replies to my Threads

    In theory, being logged off is the same as NOT having the site up on your browser. The system is smart enough to know if you're here AND logged in.... It thinks you'll see replies.

    E-mail providers may screen out one e-mail and let through another, and there may not be any rhyme or reason to it that is immediately apparent. Here are some of the e-mail providers that are known to do this: Verizon, Yahoo, Comcast, AOL, and there are a plethora of others.
    @Gmail is the recommended provider.
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