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Thread: Persistent objetcs after state loss ?

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    Persistent objetcs after state loss ?

    In the VBIDE, if you press the break,reset buttons, memories are released and all variables lose state.

    It would be nice if one could somehow lock those memory locations so that even after a state loss in the IDE one could still recover the variable values just by knowing their initial allocated memory addresses.

    I was thinking, maybe if the memory addresses were located somewhere outside the process memory space, one could perhaps preserve their content after the IDE state loss.

    Obviously, there are easy ways for preserving values like strings, numbers etc but definitely no way for preserving Objects and keeping them alive after a state loss.

    Is this even possible or do i just have no idea what I am talking about ?
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    Re: Persistent objetcs after state loss ?

    For inspection like on crash or for a pause resume feature?

    It would be possible to save state and restore state in some
    senses but you would have to design things for it and manually implement it.

    If I need to keep testing something over and over from a certain point I do it in VMware taking snapshots along the way so I can revert to any previous save point along the way with the same exact state. There was a debugger plug-in once that stored process state for reversion but it has to backup all process memory which was gigantic and still wouldn’t work if there were stale references to things like file handles or sockets etc where underlying state of os may have changed.

    You have to more specific on what you hope to persist, why, and how you imagine using it to determine if your use is possible.

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