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Thread: Annoying Excel 2019 Habit

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    Re: Annoying Excel 2019 Habit

    I'm annoyingly taken to VBA.
    Are you saying that when you pass the mouse pointer over the VBA editor window, it automatically gets the focus without clicking anywhere on it, and then when the mouse cursor reaches the Excel window, the VBA window still has the focus? I am not seeing that with Excel 2016. I will have to try it with 2019 to see what happens.

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    Re: Annoying Excel 2019 Habit

    Here is a picture of the situation.
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    If I'm editing and I click the 'View Microsoft Excel' button, it takes me to the Excel window, but if I move my cursor down from anywhere above the top of the VBA window and it encounters the macro code, I'm taken there.

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    Re: Annoying Excel 2019 Habit

    Confirmed behaviour in O365
    Never noticed it, since when i'm in the VBA-Editor (ALT+F11) i never hit that combination again
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